Friday, June 15, 2012

My garden omelet

I collected a variety of herbs and chives from my garden and added them to an omelet (along with some roasted peppers and sharp cheddar). Tasty!
We will have a week of hotness. Got out early for both a run and a bike ride. I am finally biking more miles than running.  This year's bike ride fortunately covers less miles (250) than previous years but I am not so much in shape as I used to be. When I took the boys, it was hard to get them while training to go much more than 20 miles at a time as they always found something to divert them. They were able to handle the 300 miles/6 days with no problem but they were especially energetic.I took a break from my ride sitting on the steps of an old German church out in the country drinking my peach ice tea watching the vultures circle seeing farmers' fields for miles. Very pretty.
Here's some recent pictures of the grandboys: They came over for a brief visit yesterday.
Oliver, when he gets a cold, has breathing difficulties. He is on his nebulizer.

Daniel at a nearby park sailing.

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