Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cutesy phrases I can not stand

Recently in an obituary (yeah I read them) someone died whose age was listed as "80 years young". OK I get it. The person was more youthful than her years would indicate (except she died).

Perhaps our language has it wrong  with  the emphasis on 'old' when we ask "How old are you?" We might as well ask "How close to dying are you anyway?"

In Italian: "Quanti anni hai?" (Make sure anni has both  ens  pronounced or you would be asking how many anuses do you have) How many years? Like you earned them. Better than emphasizing the 'old'.
 or "Quel age as-tu? More neutral.

The other phrase that annoys me is referring to the Atlantic Ocean as a 'pond' as 'we flew just across the pond' as if England and the US are so close. They are not, in distance or attitudes.

I was watching the special on PBS on Queen Victoria and Prince Albert: an interesting couple who took the welfare of their subjects seriously. They tried to eliminate the law saying that England could not import any grain (the Corn Law). People had to pay the over-inflated prices for the grain grown on the lords' land. No grain was allowed to be imported to feed the Irish during the potato blight. The US had plenty.

Again, it was 96 degrees this afternoon. I sat outside as the cold front came through about an hour ago with strong winds. Unfortunately , just a short lived drizzle.  I was productive today running biking, doing my laundry and buying  some more perennials. I planted them before the sun was too strong.

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