Sunday, June 17, 2012


Red Asiatic lilies. The orange ones are blooming today too

My new variegated  hydrangea. It did not come with instructions. Hopefully it likes partial sun. The neighbors had a white one for many years on the other side of the fence until they replaced it with the arborvitae, now 20 feet tall

Don't know what this is called  but it is supposed to be covered with little blue flowers all summer. We'll see

Edelweiss. My number one hit for my blog even though the picture I had wasn't mine. This is mine

California poppy. Not so many this year.
I woke up early to do by long bike ride. According to the radar, a line of storms were coming. Not good for bike riding (but good for my plants as we are in near drought conditions). I noticed that the line was slow moving so off I went for 25 miles (okay, that isn't long but all is relative). Saw many deer on the edges of fields going so early. Big plus: no wind, the enemy of bikers.

Father's Day today. We will have a family dinner at Josh's but he needs lots of help in making some of the dishes. Also Shanna had other plans but we will see her and her kids soon.


Teri Bernstein said...

the hydrangea should be right up your alley, as a chemist. The flower color should be responsive to pH of the soil, unless they have been messed with genetically (likely). Things in flux here and with ailing stepparents; still have not figured out MI trip yet.

Holly said...

beautiful flowers - you are such a good gardener!!


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