Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jade and Jerrol's Jamaican-Jewish wedding

Naomi with the couple Jade and Jerrol Me in background
Stu and Olive walking Jade down the aisle

Jade is the daughter of Steve's favorite cousin Stu who had married a wonderful Jamaican woman Olive. We battled unbelievable traffic to go to a North coastal town on Long Island near Oyster Bay for the ceremony itself arriving one minute before the wedding was to start. But due to heavy traffic, the wedding was delayed almost 40 minutes. It was like entering a time warp. Steve hadn't seen alot of these friends since they were all in their twenties. In my mind, I pictured them as I had last seen them but it was strange to see them transformed into chunkier, balding men. One of these men had a daughter Shanna's age and I used to hang out with his wife when we came to NY,which used to be quite often. Due to divorce and less frequent visits on our part, we lost touch. But the little girl, now a 30 year old woman was the spitting image of her mom with the same laugh and mannerisms. The mom herself, I could barely recognize. But then again, time really, really has not been kind to me especially these last 7 months.

The bride Jade was stunning and very graceful. She will earn her PhD in clinical psychology next month from Johns Hopkins. At the very deluxe reception, the bride and groom were introduced rising out of the floor in a cloud of smoke. Naomi was very impressed and wants her wedding to be identical to this one. A lot of fun catching up.

We drove in 2 parts through driving rain to get here. Naomi drove through Ohio and most of Pennsylvania. She still thinks driving is fun. We did find some time to stop at Jersey gardens for the prom dress but it was very frustrating as nothing appealed to her.

Diana and Meredith (her daughter) left early this morning to do the breast cancer run starting in Times Square. I was tired and it was raining. So Diane ran with my name on her back. Once the rain stopped, I ran on the boardwalk at Coney Island.

I leave tomorrow on MegaBus to go to Boston. They have the 5 borough bike ride tomorrow closing lots of city streets. Hopefully it won't impact me getting there on time.

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