Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

The Precious One-Oliver
Oliver among the Mother's Day flowers. One bouquet for Grandma and one for Mama
I am going back to Michigan later today via New York as one way non-stop tickets were almost 5 times as much. I will miss my little guy and his antics but I am needed at home. Naomi has only 2 more weeks of school. In my absence, she finally bought a prom dress-prom is next Saturday.
On Mother's Day, Shanna went out with me minus Oliver, a rare event for her, for coffee and a treat at a bakery that she had won a gift certificate for in Dorchester. It was decided that Oliver really does not enjoy going to restaurants sitting in high chairs so food was brought up for Mother's Day dinner. I received phone calls from both Josh and Naomi with a promise of a dnner with the former. I didn't get their calls until quite late setting off a minor pity party.
I've been running alot here-up to my pre-cancer and pre-broken arm days. I ran more than a marathon in the first week here. Surprisingly I don't have shin splints from all the cement, which makes up 90% of the path nor am I especially tired. One of the days I had no choice but to run bald as there were gale force winds, difficult when they were straight at me, blowing clouds of sand on me. I worried that my meager hair would not be enough to protect my scalp from sunburn. Yesterday finally there were no winds and it was so chilly that I needed my hat. I sit along the ocean alot considering my life. I really hope that this cancer is truly gone-I am not ready to go. Most of the time I consider it gone but the reality is that it has a good chance of returning. One day I was watching a school of jellyfish undulating away in the bay when the light hit them just right. I sat outside last night watching the sun go down over the city's skyline (the sun sets so early here compared to Michigan). I could see my whole running path before me along the U-shaped bay. Last night the winds were such that the landing planes flew right over my head every minute. The planes taking off, not nearly as numerous, went straight east over the ocean. I was on the phone to home with the planes drowning out the sound. The winds changed again and the planes not so numerous and it was quiet except for the gulls.
Shanna let me feel the new baby thrash around inside of her. He is more active than Oliver at the same stage. Hopefully this doesn't translate into a toddler more active than Oliver or she really will run ragged. Oliver wants to be on the move every minute not even pausing to eat.
I return home with eyebrows and eyelashes, both were missing when I left Michigan. I also would have a face full of facial hair if I didn't take steps against that. It seemed to appear overnight last week. I wish the hair on my head would hurry up and grow. Still no hair on my legs (not missing that) and no oil or apocrine glands. I am less dependent on antacids to my stomach lining seems to have regenerated. My nails look fine except for the top quarter which remains damaged. In a month, they will be all grown out.

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imBeth said...

what a great post. I'm glad to hear you are running, I am really missing that right now.


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