Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chemo Brain study-phase 2

Finally they got the fMRI up and running for the chemo brain study. Maybe. Towards the end, there was a lot of noise in the image and the operator blamed my wig even though I really don't think it has metal in it. But bad news for them, their control had the noise in it too. Still no brain tumors, my biggest fear. So I am to go there 3 times total. Once before chemo, then right after chemo (now) and then a year later. They have these annoying tests for recognition and reaction time. The MRI shows the pathways your brain uses to do their tasks. I agreed to do this only if I get to see the results. They have 3 sets of patients: BC with no chemo, BC with chemo and non-BC people. I barely fit into the throbbing machine. They gave me goggles with my prescription in it but it was off and gave me a headache as the images were blurry. They are also checking my FSH levels (inversely proportional to estrogen) to see if any confusion is due to menopause. Afterword, I went to the lab for blood work, which was initially refused as there was no physician's name on the req, but eventually that was striaghtened out. The blood drawer in passing asked what I was doing later that day and I said something about the LiveStrong program and she perked up. She must be all of 25 but she has a brother who just finished lymphoma treatment (for the 2nd time!!!) who would love a free program such as that.

As I sat with my coffee early this morning on my patio and my fresh raspberries-thanks to M, a male hummingbird (haven't seen one here in a long time-I thought I just have 2 females) decided to check out my bright pink hat. He came inches from my face flitting side-to side investigating. They seem quite fearless.

Did some planting yesterday but have a lot more to do before I am satisfied. 2 of the 3 calla lily tubers  have sent out shoots. We'll see how long it takes for them to turn into plants with flowers.

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Sarah said...

I went with my Mom as she went through chemo years ago, she too feared the brain tumors. Huge hugs!!
I just put up my hummer feeder - it hs been quite cool here until this week - in N. Idaho. Am hoping for a few soon. Sometimes they will let me stroke their little chest - so beautiful!! Sarah


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