Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prom pix

Naomi with her artificial tan, which fortunately faded quite a bit. I thought she'd look nicer in a colored dress but black and silver seemed to work for her. She has "cinderella slippers" tied up her calves

Girls outside of limo

Outside our house

Naomi and Neway inside limo

Naomi and Neway outside Carmel's house

Some of the girls

Half of the couples

The boys outside limo

So the big day finally arrived. She and her friend Carmel have been planning for this for months. Naomi's boyfriend is too old for proms so she asked her friend Neway to ask her (pronounced-New way, not No way as I originally thought). Huron High is a very diverse school and their group reflected it: Asian, Hispanic, Arab, African, African-American, etc. Naomi in stocking feet is 5'10 but with heels, is well over 6 feet. She spent alot of the pre-prom picture taking scrunching down, which drove me crazy. Neway was a very sweet boy. One of her friend's names is believe it or not, Tata, who is Thai. Lots of parents assembled to take the pre-prom pictures while they waited for the group to assemble. They were still waiting for at least one couple when I left. The plan was to eat in a restaurant 25 miles away and then go to the prom. The girls were all beautiful with their fancy dresses. It was fun oohing and aahing over this rite of passage. Naomi still isn't home. I am hoping she skipped the post prom party in a hotel room and went home with her friend.
I was so busy driving Naomi to this place or that, I didn't get to run yesterday. It almost froze last night so we took some of the plants in. Hopefully my seedlings I planted survived. A cold wind suddenly came through while they were taking their pictures messing up the hair-dos and making it uncomfortable for the girls in their skimpy gowns. Julia, my daughter-in-law is having her wedding shower today for her best friend so Sunny, the German Shepherd, has been exiled to over here.

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Alli said...

Just beautiful!! These are the times we never forget. She looked just lovely!!

Alli XX


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