Saturday, May 9, 2009

Running bald

Oliver and my brother's family

I hate my still bald head even with its eighth inch of hair but running with a ski hat on when it is 75 degrees and 90% humidity is very difficult. I am resorting to my stand-by mantra when I look or act ridiculous: I am never going to see these people again. These people being the anonymous walkers and runners of the Harborwalk trail in Boston who are amazingly in short supply during the week. I felt more than a little self-conscious looking like Cancer Lady but it felt good to feel the sea breeze on my scalp. I went close to 5 miles this morning. Shanna was too tired to go out today. I did take Oliver for a long walk along the ocean. He likes to point at the jets. Depending on the winds, they are right in Logan's flight path.
Yesterday we went to Brookline to go to a creperie but Oliver refused to sit still. I like the houses there and the beautiful gardens. Later my brother Bruce came with his wife and 3 daughters and his little Jack Russell Terrier Charlotte that Oliver enjoyed. He thought he would leave her with his daughter in Boston but her apartment wouldn't allow it. Ramy thought we could watch her but it would be a constant struggle making sure Oliver didn't love her to death and of course, Charlotte is well equipped to fight him off. Hopefully they make it into Canada all right with her. We went to a nice Italian restaurant in Dorchester-all 9 of us. I hadn't seen them in 1.5 years except for Leila, who is a grad student at Harvard who came over when Oliver was born.

Shanna is gone now at a rare mothers night out with the wife of a guy she went to high school with and who also has a 15 month old.

Happy Mothers' Day to all you moms out there!

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