Friday, May 22, 2009


Going through my friend's family files the other day (our families were close friends) I found a bald picture of myself. I had bonnets on in all the pictures I'd seen before. Sadly I don't have much more hair now.
I've been busy doing yardwork. Still lots to be done. Running is becoming easier. Back in March, it was an effort to run for more than 2 minutes at a time without having to stop gasping for breath so I guess that's some progress. I'm able to lift more weights in the LiveStrong program. The formerly fat trainer brought in pictures yesterday of her former self to prove to me she was once large. She is in very good shape now. I said I should bring pictures of myself when I was thin and had hair. My house now smells of lilies of the valley. Thanks Marilyn!


Sarah said...

Hi Sue... found you on Sara's blog! Just thought I would pop in and say hello!! What a beautiful family you have!! Am off to read some of your posts! Have a great Saturday. Sarah

Sara Williams said...

Hi Sue,
I tried to keep my running up because I love it so much but I got nose bleeds, sick, headaches - too much for my body through chemo. I am now focusing on power walking to keep myself fit when I can so that once this treatment is over I can start again but gently.
Its nice to meet a fellow runnuer though. I am finding it so frustrating, all the races I was scheduled to do and when I hear of friends racing for fun... its hard.

Keep strong x


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