Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm back!

One of the cancer patients who took LiveStrong last session wears a T-shirt saying "I'm back" for her workouts. I like it. The other last session participant who has bone mets hasn't been there for a while. Hope she's OK. Everyone in our class except the colon cancer lady has had hair loss. We compare hair growth like the 6 year olds in my Brownie troop compared tooth loss 24 years ago. Mary thought her growth had stopped but I pointed out that since it is coming in in curls, it just makes it look shorter. She said her hair was straight as could be before this cancerfest. Marilyn says now mine is longer than hers but says she can't wear her wig as her new hair, a different color sticks out. Lyle, the man, has the longest hair and said he won't cut it again. It's very thick for a 60 year old man. Losing his precious hair he said was the hardest for him. My hair is still too short to see if I'll get chemo curls. I've been running out in the sticks (we are at the edge of town)so less people will see my baldness. Also I have expanded my range as my endurance increases-new record for the year today. Yay me.

So am I really back? Not completely even as I can do more running and weight lifting. I certainly don't look or feel the same. This facing one's possible early death has been really hard on me. Fortunately I really don't think about it so much and live in the possible fantasy that, except for check-ups, I am done with this.

Naomi was to pick up her cap and gown today. She called in tears saying they won't give it to her until she forks over $57 for a textbook that she allegedly checked out 2 weeks ago. It was a first year Spanish book-she took the class in 8th grade. I was furious leaving messages with every administrator (noone ever answers their phone) about their faulty system. Anyway, I had paid for this silly gown already-how can they withhold it? Finally the book depository lady relented and released Naomi from her 'obligation' as numerous other kids were of accused of the same crime-taking out a Spanish book.

Finally we have hot water although the installers aren't completely finished with us. So many things need to be replaced. Good thing my sweat glands still aren't functional. Such a weird side effect-one not mentioned in all the literature but other people have noticed it in themselves too.

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Sara Williams said...

There are alot of side effects that people forget to mention I think! So glad you are running. I actually managed gardening yesterday which was fab, my digestive system is still bad but hey ho, half way through :0)


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