Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back home

Oliver on walk near his apartment with the JFK library in background
Oliver is SOoooo big!

I am back home now. Lots of my flowers have bloomed in my absence-the primroses that looked like they had died after it bloomed is back and doubled in size, the Forget-me-nots,the lilacs and all of the creeping phlox. My poor dogwood skipped sending up blossoms though. Lots of pink dogwood in NYC. Naomi got her yearbook, which always is exciting to her and we went through it deciding who looks good and who doesn't, etc. Checks to sign from my various investments were waiting for me. Josh will take me out for Mother's Day tomorrow.

Yesterday I ran one last time along the bay. It was sunny, dry and calm so I had a nice run even though I probably have been over-doing it in the past week. Although this route is completely away from cars, I almost was run over anyway. On the access path from Shanna's apartment around a blind curve, a police cruiser moving fast suddenly appeared. I had to jump off the path to save myself. He just continued barrelling along. I ran more than than 35 miles since I have been gone. Sadly this only amounts to about a pound of fat but these add up. Since Josh was born, I've run about 32,000 miles-almost 1000 lbs worth yet I am not 1000 lbs underweight. Ha! I'm overweight! But sooner or later this thin body will emerge, already my abdomen is no longer distended.

After Oliver's morning nap, we went back to the North End, which is fairly close to the airport. Oliver was a little bit more cheerful about being stuck in a restaurant but still had to be wheeled out before I was finished. I stocked up on Italian goodies at Mike's Pastry shop. The rainbow cookies aren't quite as good as the place in Brooklyn but still yummy. I got more macaroons too.
The weather was still nice, despite the forecast and we took Oliver to a playground along the water, which he enjoyed.

I was scheduled to fly to JFK and after a brief layover, so brief that catching the next plane could be a problem, fly to Detroit. I didn't get a chance to print my boarding pass and the Delta sign-up Kiosks require a passport. All just as well because when I went to the counter, they put me on a non-stop to Detroit that theoretically would leave much earlier and in fact was boarding now. Rush, rush, rush. Ha, just kidding. Soon as I got to the gate, there was a problem with the plane plus right after I got my seat, they put the contents of a cancelled flight onto it too and now it was over-filled. Someone had noticed that there was a small dent in the plane and it had to be ascertained that this was OK and paperwork had to be filed. We had boarded the plane but just sat for more than an hour while redtape was being thrown every which way with promises of leaving shortly and people getting off the plane as they didn't believe them. I sat next to a man with I guess, Tourette's who repeatedly made weird kissing noises and lip smacking. It eventually left and I still got home 2.5 hours sooner than scheduled.

Now to begin the next phase of my life: recovery.


Holly said...

recovery...ahhhhhhhhh - what a sweet word. sounds like you are well on your way in this for me, i feel a bit like i will ALWAYS be in recovery...not a bad place at all!

Daria said...

Recovery ... moving on. How exciting is that ....


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