Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chimney Swifts

They're back, my little house guests. I hear them twittering away although I haven't heard them in my chimney yet. These birds, described as flying cigars, are interesting.They show up around now, nest in my chimney and in mid-August, fly down to Peru for the winter. They presumably have the longest migration path of any bird. Two years ago I had a flock of 3 couples. I don't know if the kids join them. I keep meaning to put a cap on the chimney but thanks to cancer, I forgot about them. They can not land on horizontal objects, just vertical walls. They fly in a flock high in the sky constantly communicating to each other as they hunt insects-twittering. Back in the nest, they communicate all night--loudly. It drove Shanna crazy when she stayed in our room downstairs.

Someone had told me that the personal trainer that works with us at the Y used to be obese and was featured in Shape magazine-before and after. This is a very tiny woman, a marathoner who qualified for Boston during hurricane strength winds in Tampa this year. I couldn't imagine 50 extra lbs on her. But she told me, yes indeed, she was chunky but has kept it off for 8 years. I am able to do more and more at the Y and today ran even farther than this weekend. Still too much of me to love and the pounds are not flying off like I hoped. I am firming up though and have lost alot of that gut. I ran out in the country today with my hat off (toasty here today). I am not sure if my transparent hair can stop sunburn though. Still too short for me to see if I am getting chemo curls.

Last night I helped a friend sort through her family history. She has to prove that a certain relative was legally adopted so she can claim an inheritance. While going through lots of papers, she learned alot about a different relative who was never discussed while she was growing up. We were able to piece together this sad individual's life.

I got a few flowers today at the Farmer's market-just enough to get my patio back in bloom.

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