Monday, May 25, 2009


Aside from giving me healthy lungs and muscle tone, running gives me endorphins. They seem to be of two varieties, short-lived that disappear within a minute of stopping and ones that last for a few hours after. The short-lived ones taking 2 minutes to kick in let me overlook post-surgical pain, early pregnancy breast pain, menstrual cramps, bra burn, shorts burn, too tight shoes. The first two minutes of running aren't fun and I dread them but then I get into a zone. When I ran my first marathon, I really pushed myself and I was probably way undertrained but I managed to make my goal and was very happy to see that finish line. I walked through the chute for about a minute and then I was struck with over-whelming pain and fatigue that my good mood couldn't stop. Those short-lived endorphins had faded. But I continue to feel relaxed and good about myself for a few hours later.

I've been running alot and I seem to be smaller. The weather has been cool in the morning-perfect for running. I've been adding to my gardens and solar light collection. My seedling experiment was a disaster so I ended up buying the plants that I tried to grow from seed. I think only the morning glories will have survived.

So a low key weekend. We had a barbeque at Josh's and I've been seeing friends on the other days.

Our crisis du jour is a kaput water heater. No hot water until tomorrow! I will have to sponge myself clean I guess.


Holly said...

I continue to be SO impressed that you can run through this whole thing...I could barely walk....send some endorphins my way form Holly

Beth said...

Hi Sue - glad to hear about your running. I'm hoping to keep it up through chemo, a little slow right now but I'm definitely out walking every day, with the odd run. I'm triple negative too.

Sarah said...

I'm impressed too!! Wow girl!! I'm just trying to keep up in my head and failing. Have a great week, Sarah


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