Friday, May 8, 2009

lazy days

JFK library-a few minutes walk behind her appartment complex with Boston Skyline in background
Running trail near Shanna's appt

While Shanna's new baby gestates (22 weeks today), I very slowly grow hair. Last week at this time I had no eyebrows or upper lashes but now I do. Still my upper lashes are barely long enough to put mascara on them but the lower ones are more than half grown out. Superficial stuff I know but I do find it hard to be bald and hairless and I am glad that some hair is growing back. I now have a little arm hair too.

I've been getting up early to run along the bay but my body is now tired of so much running. Yesterday morning, it was raining and Shanna had a morning appt so we were off to Cambridge. The new little guy is doing great. I heard his heart beat. Shanna has to switch health insurance a month before she delivers which is very distressing but the nurse practitioner gave her a name of an OB who has privileges at the hospital she wants to deliver at who will accept her new insurance. She is now leaning towards a VBAC. Right before she was ready to push Oliver out, it was discovered that he was breech-unbelievable that they didn't know it before. He was a C-section. We walked around Harvard Square for a while near the hospital she wants to have the new baby. I would walk around there the 5 days she was in the hospital with Oliver. We had Vietnamese. My favorite Chowda House seemed to have disappeared in the last year so no Lobster Bisque for me. I did run when we got back but it was very hard especially against the 30 mph wind. Fortunately running on the peninsula she's on, one never goes one direction for more than a half mile. Shanna and Ramy went out alone last night for the first time in almost a year while I watched my little buddy who was quite good.

Today my brother comes on his way to see our step-Grandmother who just turned 90 in Montreal. He lives in Princeton NJ. He is picking up one 24 year old daughter from Manhattan and then picking up her twin who lives here. He'll have his 20 year old other daughter with them. The plan is for all of us to go out to dinner. It is sunny today. We'll go into Boston for some crepes.

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