Monday, May 18, 2009


Generally the last frost around here is considered to be May 15. But it is May 18, and what do we have? Frost. I did plant some of my seedlings. Hopefully they weren't frozen to death. My hummingbird made an appearance Saturday checking out my flowers. Slim pickings my little friend-just some petunias for you.
When I was sitting in the mall waiting for Naomi and her beauty treatments the other day, a mother with twin newborns sat near me trying to feed one baby while the other cried. She also had a two year old who tried to dislodge the one baby and crawl onto mamma's lap. He is older than what Oliver will be when the new baby is born.
I tried to make up yesterday for Saturday's sloth by extending my run to more than 5 miles picking up a painful case of bra burn even though precautions were made. I started my running career before nylon shorts were invented wearing cotton shorts with rolled edges instead. Those cotton edges would turn into razors after a few miles. Fortunately running tights were invented by the time I ran my first marathon.
It was cool and sunny-a good day for exercise. After my run, I went for a 2 hour walk in the Arb with my son and his shepherd Sunny as their house turned into wedding shower central. Josh and I are good buddies. Lots of pretty wildflowers.

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