Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hair dreams

I dreamt that I looked in the mirror and suddenly I had 4 inches of hair. Unfortunately I woke up to the same old stubble. It is no longer completely colorless-I have some brown regions but still no more than an eighth of an inch. Where I do have hair is on my face; eye brows half grown in, lower lashes are one half original length, uppers are about 1 tenth. I had to get out the tweezers as all of a sudden, I grew mustache and chin hairs. Yuck-I didn't want those back! My legs are still smooth.

I have to be careful not to make any noise at night (like radiation induced coughs) or I wake up my 15 month old roommate and then he wants to be up and played with. He is very charming most of the time unless he missed a nap like today at lunch. Getting alot of running done as Shanna lives next to a path that hugs the coast for 38 miles. Yesterday we explored Dorchester by car in the pouring rain-lots of different ethic groups-a huge Vietnamese area. We had lunch at an excellent Indian restaurant. Today we went to the North End for Italian. Molto buono! We brought back very good pastries including excellent macaroons that seem almost like marzipan they have so many almonds in them.

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S. F. Heron said...

Sue, I'm so glad you're with Oliver :)

Enjoy even with the rain!


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