Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dude, where's my white blood cells?

Shanna and Naomi 12 years ago before Shanna's prom. Naomi: age 6. Now Naomi towers over her.

It was Naomi's last day of high school yesterday though a project remains unfinished. I get a break from overseeing homework for a while so less stress for me. Yay! The graduation ceremony is in 10 days. Shanna is still planning to drive out to it but won't stay here-she's staying with the in-laws.

In connection with the chemobrain study, they sent me the result of my blood work. Less FSH. High FSH levels are associated with hot flashes but they gradually stop after a while. Thankfully I haven't had much trouble with hot flashes since I threw the Prem-pro away thinking that it gave me cancer. My red blood count climbed, not as high as before but above what they were when I was pre-menopausal but the white blood count sunk lower than it was on chemo. True I skipped the last Neulasta and maybe radiation screws up the white count but it should have returned. Monocytes are high though-inflammmation? infection?

Running still is fairly easy. I worry about stress fractures if I increase too much. Also part of the sole of one foot is numb-residual Taxol induced nerve damage? Or running injury? But as it is numb, no pain.

One of the moms came over for a pleasant evening on the patio before those pesky mosquitoes came out. It hasn't rained in 5 days but all the rain before has made these things really annoying. I had to cut short my walk in the woods today after running as they were so bad.

More readings from the TNBC page: An article saying that bis-phosphonates (such as Zometa, Evista, etc) cut down on recurrences for hormone negs more than for hormone pos--just the opposite of what I read before. Small patient population so I will ignore it.
More annoying: some article about triple negative bc in general saying that only occasionally does chemotherapy work-most of the time it doesn't so too bad for us. I won't even cite this article-it is from the 'popular press'. Hopefully the newly diagnosed do not run into this type of article because it will depress them.


Sarah said...

Geesh they grow up so fast!
Hoping you are feeling well, Sarah

Sara Williams said...

I wish I could keep up the running but I had to be careful before cancer, If I over did it, ran in the heat or dont drink enough I get a migrane attack and thats what happens when I overdo things on chemo. I am just keeping up loving life and planning, preparing, reading my running mags, monitoring the races and I will get there again. It is great to read about how you are doing running through treatment because I tried and tried to find out information and advice and couldnt
You are an inspiration!


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