Sunday, November 1, 2015

There's a helicopter in my yard

I harvested one of my Brussels sprout plants yesterday

stopped at Goodrich woods this morning on my bike ride
the helicopter that landed right next door

No trick or treaters here last night though we did have candy if anyone showed up. There are only 2 houses with toddlers, no elementary school kids and just a few older kids. Our neighbor had asked several months ago for permission to have in her father-in-law land a helicopter between our two houses. Somehow that didn't happen then but last night I got a text saying it was on for today. I had the grandkids, minus Maya, on hand. It circled our house a couple of times before landing. They let the kids climb insde.

We will have a week of Indian summer. Yay! I was numb from the bike ride this morning. I was glad for the extra hour of daylight in the morning sticking to paved roads as the week of rain has made the dirt roads very slippery and sloppy.

I tried to saw through the stalk of the Brussels sprouts with various knives until I decided just to pull the whole plant out of the ground. It is huge. I have 3 more plants that now will get more light so the sprouts will develop more. I sautéed them with garlic and treated them with balsamic vinegar holding the bacon as I had a vegetarian friend come to dinner. We then watched the remaining episodes of Black Mirror.

As we waited for the helicopter to show, the kids played with our riding toys on the driveway. Nice and sunny

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Elephant's Child said...

I have never warmed to brussel sprouts - to be point where my mother told me I couldn't be a vegetarian because I didn't like them. She was wrong. I suspect her habit of boiling them to a nasty pulp contributed to my dislike.


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