Wednesday, November 18, 2015

You don't have to do this....

clematis from the old house
The blue room after Naomi left. A place for the grandkids

My mom with Shanna and Josh. This room was painted red, white, and blue later when Naomi was born and later bright blue when she was a teenager
The other day, Steve was looking closely at me

You don't have to do this...don't think you are doing this for me.

He was referring to my Picasso know one up and one down. My surgery date is coming close and I won't be able to do much for a while. But can I live with this? . I went to my pre-surgical check-up today and was given lots of instructions for caring for myself afterwards. I will have a drain that I have to collect the contains of 3x a day measuring the output. I can't have a shower or bath for 2 weeks nor can I drive. Lifting anything over 5 pounds is out and so is my usual exercise for a month. And lots can go wrong though the chances are small..infections, numbness, not waking up from anesthesia . They will biopsy the tissue they take out though the cancer was on the side that they are adding fat too. I am also worried about delaying the mammogram.

Worry, worry, worry.

In 16 hours, the albatross will be gone unless things go terribly wrong, which I guess they could. I will be relieved when it is done but until then, I am in knots.

To distract me, I had the Moms over last night for a 4 hour Happy Hour. It was fun. Love the ladies.

After the doctor's appointment, I went back to the old house to put the compost bins away and to collect my 45 year old scheffelera. I've had this plant forever and it is huge. Steve hates it and wants me to throw it away. He pretty much killed it by leaving it next to open windows when they were being replaced in the subzero weather but miraculously  it has come back despite being in the garage (in front of a window) and not watered for the past month. He refused to help me bring it back so in the rain and wind, I managed to squeeze it in the back of the car with most of the leaves hanging outside bungey corded so it wouldn't fall out the back. I drove on back roads no more than 30 mph. Still lots of the leaves got ripped and I will have to add soil. It will stay in the basement next to a window though for the time being, it is in our new garage. I do have a staircase from the garage to the basement so it will be a while before he knows it is here..

60 degrees this morning. I ran in shorts but now the cold is coming in and this time it will stay.



Elephant's Child said...

Scary times. Very scary. I love that Steve has acknowledged that it is your decision.
Fingers crossed the albatross finally flies.

Holly said...

Sue - what are you having done? A reduction?? I did, though I second guessed myself for a few years wondering if it was worth it. It was! Wishing you good luck and speedy recovery...

Hugs from Holly

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Holly, I am having a reduction and lift on one side and fat added to the missing half breast on the other so hopefully they will come out the same size and height. Also somehow he will deal with the scars which are quite deep. How long did it take for you to recover?
And EC, the house is gone! No more albatross around my neck!


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