Tuesday, November 10, 2015

For the birds

need to put this huge poster up in our orange and blue living room

travel photos in our bedroom. My favorite is the top one with tiny Steve next to the massive door of Santa Salute in Venice
This is 5 feet long. I had seen it at a resale shop last week but didn't get it as the colors would not match
anything but I went back this week to get it thinking I could put it my office which is painted gray. Steve thinks
 it is too big for the room

It is now the November that I hate: cold, gray and rainy. Before visiting a good friend last
 night, I stopped at a megastore near her that has a huge bird supply department buying seed
cakes that specifically attract woodpeckers. So for, the only woodpecker it attracted was my
 white breasted nuthatch but I am hoping when it is cold, the woodpecker from the woods
south of us will pay us a visit; namely the red headed woodpecker and the red breasted
woodpecker. I know the latter was here in the spring as it has a very distinctive cry but
even though it must have been nearby, I couldn't see it. I have seen downies here and
maybe a hairy woodpecker. The finches are still here but without their breeding colors,
 they look drab. and today I thought I saw snow buntings unless they are particularly
light gold finches. And a gray hawk came to visit our yard again. Not sure what type
 as the most common types around here are the red tailed and red shouldered which are
mainly tan . I would think my birds are too small for it but maybe it was after the squirrels
 and chipmunks.
My friend's chickens will only dare to cross her open yard when it is sunny so they can see
 the hawk shadows.
I feel I am in a holding pattern until we close on that house worried what could derail it. We
 had to transfer the utilities into their names today and we could see their insurance agent had
 been around. Hopefully he didn't uncover issues.
And as Don'tae has to leave town for a funeral during the time he usually has Maya and
 Naomi will be working, we will have Maya for a few days. One evening will be spent
 with Shanna's kids as they haven't seen each other for 3 months. Tessa and Shanna did
stop by today for lunch. Tessa spent time jumping on the mini trampoline.

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Elephant's Child said...

Good luck. I imagine that when the albatross finally flies you are going to have a celebratory drink. You deserve it.
Love the print for your office.


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