Thursday, November 19, 2015

Baby got a new house

What I'll miss the most from the old house are my gardens

The scheffelera I dragged home through a storm yesterday is in the far right. Now it is reaching a window in my basement.
Steve sighed mightily as he helped me take it down the stairs
Done and gone. The closing went well though it took a few hours for our check from the bank to clear. First to show up was an older lady confusing me as I thought our buyer was a young woman. Nope, she was the mom. It was her daughter's first house and of course she had to be there. Soon the father of the buyer showed up separately. He too, didn't want to miss this moment. Eventually the buyer and her husband showed, a sweet couple though the negotiations had me hating them in advance. Maybe the pushy parents were behind the constant demands. The mom took photos throughout the proceedings.

Did I go to my kids' closings? I certainly was not invited. I was around in Boston for Shanna's first closing and the move mainly as they needed childcare and muscle. I did not have my parents come to mine even though I think I was younger than my buyer.

Soulmate had called me the day before telling me how at his closing, more demands were made to the  tune of 10K. I fretted about that. It was very windy and rainy during the night. I fretted that the power would go out and the new floor we put in would be wrecked. I checked the DTE website several times to see if there was power outages there. I thought they were having a walk through this morning but it turns out, last weekend was before I did my last clean and junk removal.

Then off to a celebratory lunch and a few last errands associated with the house and now that very long chapter is behind us.

And I did no exercise whatsoever today aside from carrying things to and fro.


Elephant's Child said...

Woo Hoo. And happy dances.

Kat&Chris said...

Congrats Sue & Steve!
I was feeling your pain there on the sale of your house.
We had a house deal go bad a few years ago with a kindof crazy buyer it took three months to get closing completed with lots of petty demands. ugh. In the end, all is well.


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