Thursday, November 12, 2015

Veteran's Day

A sharp contrast to the drabness outside. I took this photo almost 11 years ago in Seville, Spain. I loved the tiles all over the city

The cartoons above were drawn by my grandfather while he was a soldier stationed in Toul, France during WW1.These represent about a third of what he drew. In many of them, he made fun of his commanding officer, a man he obviously had little respect for. He was a medic even though he did not attend medical school until 9 years later. In one of the cartoons, he is questioning turning mainly uneducated boys into medics overnight. I don't know if he shared these cartoons with his fellow soldiers as if the commanding officer ever saw them, he could be in big trouble. I read with interest a diary he kept during this time period. He expressed very little emotion even when his camp was being shelled. He was thrilled to see a new part of the world.
Years later, he would take me along on house calls. I would have to sit in the car but then he would share details of their cases even though I was very young. He said I had a 'man's mind'. This I suppose was a compliment.
My surgery has been moved up a week ahead as the surgeon has to leave the country. I was going to have my annual mammogram on that day. I can't have it earlier due to insurance reasons and will have to delay it for at least 3 months so as to not wreck my new breasts. More anxiety.
We will take a little vacation between the closing and the surgery.  I will decorate for X-mas even earlier.
Gale force winds blow outside though I was able to run very early before they got too intense. Steve is checking to make sure the winds aren't cutting the power to the old house. There are lots of huge trees that cause power outages. I will be glad when this no longer is our problem.
Yesterday was our warmest and calmest day by far, perfect for a 20 mile bike ride in the country with my friend. Amazing how much empty space there is around here. Then I was off to my Cooking for Survivor's class. Subject: crockpot meals, not my favorite.
Maya will be staying with us for the next 3 days. She is very excited about this.


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