Friday, November 13, 2015

Sleeping with a whirling dervish

She is standing still here for a rare second. Steve took her to school this morning stopping by at our old house which hopefully will be gone in less than a week

We had Maya last night due to her father being out of town. We would have had her tonight too and had fun things planned but her father came back early. She will be disappointed as she was really looking forward to being here and with her cousins.
She is not used to sleeping by herself. I thought it wouldn't be bad sharing a king sized bed but what massive space that little moving body carves out. Twice I got up and went to the other side of the bed where there was more room until the heat seeking missile squashed that idea.. And she is a teeth gnasher in her sleep. Even with headphones on, I could hear the teeth grinding. Before that, she went to play with Shanna's kids. With her father having her on weekends, she misses lots of family occasions though I think we get her for Thanksgiving.
It is now sleeting out and windy. This weather I hate the most. I am currently having a pity party that began when we were forwarded closing documents. We were misinformed about several features. I blame our agent. I hate every aspect of this process and all the people involved. I feel we were bamboozled. After next week, I won't look back and will try to forget.
Even the dense trees couldn't protect me from the wind this morning. I did get a mani-pedi so at least I have nice nails.

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Elephant's Child said...

It will be over soon. Finally. Thankfully.
And isn't it amazing how much space a child (or a cat) demands...?


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