Saturday, November 7, 2015

Foster succulents

A local artist, David Zinn, creates these chalk masterpieces about town. Very cool
My succulents and my friend's wintering about my tub

Is it too early for X-mas lights?
Iris tile purchased yesterday, also next to my tub
cool cat print

My friend who is recovering from a stem cell transplant can't have houseplants until her immune system is fully functional so I have some of her plants until spring. Even Ann Arbor will be hit with a frost tonight. When I went to pick up her plants, I noticed all her flowers were in bloom, the same flowers that are dead here as it is about five degrees colder.
All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray....
Drab November is here. One patch of color I am noticing that I haven't in previous years is the bright yellow wild asparagus all around. And on our last bike ride, we went by an entire field of bright yellow cultivated asparagus. Should have stopped to take a photo. The leaves are mostly down on my runs through the woods. I stopped under a huge, dead tree to see what was tapping. A red headed woodpecker! A first sighting for Sue. There was also a hairy woodpecker there. Then I saw a flock of yellow birds on the other side of the road. Not even goldfinches are yellow this time of year (they still come to my thistle feeder but they are grayish now). Warblers? Don't fly in flocks. Then the bizarre whistling noises sounded familiar: cedar wax wings!! We had a flock of them for a month in our service berry tree but right now, we have no fruit to attract them. They are so pretty.
Yesterday I amused myself seeing what were in the thrift shops to my east. I did get some nice stuff which I will post more of later. Then a friend stopped by for wine and trash TV. It was fun. Does all my biking and running negate the effects of drinking an entire bottle of wine? Probably not.

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Elephant's Child said...

Woodpeckers? Jealous thoughts. I would love to see some of your birds, just as you would revel in ours.
Love the chalk artists work - and your thrift store purchases.


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