Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Snowflake lights

Playing in the X-mas tree box
Mrs Cardinal
sharing with a tufted titmouse

enjoying the minitrampoline

Porch at sunset

Lights have all these strange patterns. Can change it if we want to get the big ladder out again
Even without the constant trips to the old house, we find plenty to keep us busy. A replacement tree stand was bought, the tree set up, outdoor lights put up, card table and chairs borrowed from a friend so that we can seat more people on Thanksgiving and one of my stalks of Brussels sprouts cut down. The snow didn't seem to hurt them. Rarest request from a child?
Don't skimp on the Brussels sprouts this year.
Of course they have bacon in them. I could harvest my kale too though I don't think anyone likes it.
The snow is melting though I had to wait until this afternoon for an ice free path to run. I might be able to bike tomorrow. In the snow, I see deer tracks between our house and the young couple's. Also lots of dog-like prints. Coyote?
I have divided up the labor so all I am making is turkey, dressing, gravy and Brussels sprouts. But the biggest job will be clean-up.

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Elephant's Child said...

Clean-up is almost always the biggest job. Sad, when a big clean up is involved before any celebration as well as after it.
Brussel sprouts? Not for me. My mother told me I couldn't be a vegetarian because I don't like them. She was wrong. And her long-standing habit of boiling them to death may have something to do with why I refuse to eat them.


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