Monday, November 23, 2015

Shark hat

Maya's shark hat

I had my ex-neighbor over for lunch. Used my green plates
Broccoli, chicken, cheese braid served with an apple harvest salad
This snow is not melting fast enough. Even the shoulders of the busy road are icy. I assume my usual route is too icy. So back and forth in my neighborhood.
I've been keeping busy hanging stuff up and entertaining. My dream of putting up my X-mas tree was thwarted with the base of the tree missing in action. Why couldn't Steve put everything together.
My guest today had similar surgery to what I am having next week. She was fine after a month. My surgery won't be as extensive as hers so I am hoping for a speedier recovery.

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Elephant's Child said...

A man? Putting like with like? Cue hysterical laughter.
And good luck on the surgical front. I suspect all the exercise you take will work in your favour when it comes to healing time too.


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