Monday, November 16, 2015

Click 'like' or you're heartless

Shanna's kids saying goodbye to the old house by going in the closet. Note paisley wallpaper

Allie playing on a kid's computer
aerial shot of our neighborhood. Our house is barely visible in the far right corner

The HOA people put their house on the market. This house is not big enough. Their new house is about a half mile away and looks twice as big

Lately photos of  babies with various deformities are making the rounds on Facebook with extortions to click 'like' if you think they are beautiful or ignore if you are heartless. I wish these babies well. I also hate these things that say agree if you think your daughter is beautiful or that there should be more cancer research or that we should support our veterans. They are just a variation of a chain letter. I only click like on babies I know. And for the record, I do think my daughters are beautiful.

By Saturday, there might be 3 inches of snow on the ground and cold enough so it won't melt. Back at the old house, the cleome are still in bloom meaning there has yet to be a frost there despite a hard frost just 6 miles away 3 weeks ago right here. The cleome here are brown stalks. So for the last two days of sunshine and relative warmth, I've been bicycling and running.

I did spend sometime cleaning the old house. There is still stuff in the garage that should be taken here but I don't need to go inside the house ever again. Bye-bye. I do remember a time when we were thrilled with the house but the thrill is gone.

Allie and Josh came over today. She was marginally ill so she didn't go to daycare.

Our yard is suddenly covered with robins. What's up with that?

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Elephant's Child said...

I agree with you about the 'chain letter' sentiments. And wonder what it achieves. Does clicking 'like' get more funding, or acceptance...
So close now to finally getting rid of the albatross. Which must feel wonderful.


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