Sunday, November 8, 2015

Which goes in first?

My niece's photo of the lion at the NYC public library
triple barn. According to a huge sign, this farm is environmentally friendly

Allie stopped by for lunch this morning. In the  background is a mini-trampoline I bought the other day to burn off grandkid energy
button flag Haven't figured where I am going to put it up
Steve walked through the laundry room just as I was beginning to do a load yesterday. He was aghast.
Just what are you trying to do?
Um...the laundry?
Turns out, according to him, I was doing it all wrong. I had dumped all the clothes into the machine and then planned to add the water and the soap. He said the only way to do it was to fill the machine with water, then add the soap to make sure it was dissolved ( pretty much instantly dissolves) and only then add the clothes. I then walked out leaving it to him thinking, again, how rigid and weird he can be sometimes. We do have a crude division of labor here. Laundry mostly is his job but some how, in all of years of marriage, we never observed the other doing it. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I did look this up and there was a certain logic to doing it his way especially when the detergents were slow to dissolve. Obviously front end loaders would be done my way.
It was too cold for me to bike this morning. Josh and Allie paid a visit. In those few hours, the temps climbed 20 degrees. Still chilly but very little wind. As it was too late for the paved roads to be traffic free, I stuck to dirt roads going on some that were new to me. Still it took a while in the warm shower for me to warm up again.

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Elephant's Child said...

With liquid detergent I don't think it matters at all.
We have similar issues but I am ashamed to say it is me that is rigid. I hate the way my partner hangs clothes on the line - and will frequently repeg things...


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