Sunday, November 29, 2015

The transitivity of football

Red tail hawk in our front yard this morning

the red tail that my friend and I keep going by on our bikes. It has a very piercing scream. She went back with a camera
who knew it could swivel its head 180 degrees
from Thanksgiving. Allie imitating Daniel

So if Team A is beating B (except for the last 10 seconds ..yeah those ten seconds unfortunately counted) and B beats C handily, A should beat C, right? Nope, C creams A, not even close. Receivers running for touchdown after touchdown with a defender uselessly attached to their backs.  We did watch this debacle at Shanna's house at a football party yesterday. Then Team B went onto win against another team I dislike but Oh How I Hate Ohio State. But at least MSU (where Shanna graduated) beat OSU and took them out of the running. As for Team A, the University of Michigan, it is their first year with the second coming coach and they did so much better than the past six years, so high hopes for next year.

My friend and I have been trying to ID this hawk we keep running into. It screams as it hunts, which I would think would be counter-productive. When I first encountered it, another hawk was screaming nearby so I assumed it was a territory thing but it screams when it is alone too. My friend went back with a camera to get the second and third photo above. Clearly a red tail hawk also known as a chicken hawk though they rarely touch poultry or even birds. They prefer rodents and boy do we have some meals for them. So I was thrilled to find one perched near my window this morning. My birds are mostly in back; this was in the front so I am hoping he was out for chipmunks. Fortunately we haven't seen further signs of Chip 'n Dale. No scat and no bait stealing. And the mouse population drops by one each day.

The war is over now. I am being spoken to again which is convenient as we were going on a short vacation before my surgery later this week.

The surgeon will suck out fat from my abdomen to inject into my breast that is missing half of its original tissue. This will cause me to have swelling in the abdomen and I am to wear a girdle for 2 weeks to prevent it. Well I put the torture device on this morning. All I can say, it will be a long 2 weeks.

Please warm up! My last chance to bicycle before  I am sliced and diced is today. Very pretty but so, so cold.


Elephant's Child said...

I am very glad the war is over.
I feel for you on the girdle front. One of our neighbours has to wear support stockings until Christmas Day - during our hottest period of the year. He is expecting to be very, very grumpy.

Teri Bernstein said...

I will be thinking of you going through this surgery. I hope you have little pain and that the results are worth it! xoxo


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