Friday, October 30, 2015

When Jupiter, Mars and Venus align

Put a bird on it. New print for bathroom

pretty paperweight
splurge item: venetian glass dish
my hairdresser's carving of a watermelon for her party tonight. Don't think I will go
Tessa with makeup program
Allie as a hippy for Halloween
creepy Allie after Julie used the make-up program on her

We awoke yesterday to three bright objects in the eastern sky just above the horizon. I assumed correctly that one was Venus. What were the others? Stars? Turns out that they were Jupiter and Mars.  This is known as a planetary conjunction. Hard to figure out how rare this is. There seems to be a planetary conjunction every 10 years or so between 2 planets so I assume this is even rarer.This morning, it was too cloudy to see anything. It will go on for a few days so I will try to photograph it.
I  want time to pass quickly so this house thing is behind us and for time to stand still while there are a few nice days of weather. And the albatross continues to annoy. We had to have some work done today and more complications requiring more money arose. Ugh. I really hate being in this situation.
So how have I been amusing myself ? More running, more biking though the latter is becoming more unpleasant with the cold. We will have some warmth next week. I hit the resale shops yesterday and have been amusing myself selecting prints to fill the empty frames. I visited a friend and have been playing around on the computer with this photo editing program designed to try out different make-up and hairstyles on your photo. I haven't put my face into it but have put the granddaughters instead.

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Elephant's Child said...

You are right about the last photo. Creepy indeed. Shades of tiny beauty queens - which does my head in.
I don't think I have ever seen a triple planet conjunction and am looking forward to photos of yours.


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