Thursday, October 1, 2015

ArtPrize redux

very small scraps of cloth and thread

Building sized mural made from tape with me trying to fit into  shape
There was a whole series of couples minus their body parts
We were here earlier last year yet more trees had changed colors
Huge hideous heads
At the mixed breed cup
gauze with embedded jewels with Grand Rapids behind
cool wood carving. Two pieces of wood were sandwiched together. Took hours to carve

through Ford Museum window
huge, huge quilt. This artist won a prize last year

made of pieces of suede
The artist blew soap bubbles in the cold. As they froze on the snow, she lay on her belly to photograph the developing crystals under different light conditions and then had them printed on metal. Cool.

Yesterday we made our annual trip cross state to ArtPrize. Another Mom was able to join us as she recently retired. A perfect day weather wise.  Much less art than years past but still plenty to see. These are just a small fraction of the many photos I took. My poor feet are tired. I am away from my computer as I am watching a sick Allie though she doesn't seem all that sick to me.  

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Elephant's Child said...

Now that is an exhibition I would LOVE to see.
I hope Allie is improving - likewise your poor sore feet.


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