Friday, October 9, 2015

The best mascot

This is it: the Huron River Rat
New frame with Tessa riding a pig

My new Finnish glass. But yellow really doesn't go in any of my rooms. Maybe my den, which looks sort of sad
Tessa the apple worm
fish eye view of Dexter

What is the best mascot of the state? The state news service had an on-line vote the
other day and the River Rats won. As the high school is next to the river, something
 aquatic was suggested for the mascot and the river rat was chosen. A river rat is really
 a muskrat but all the logos feature the common rat. They play games in the Rat
Dome; the wrestling team is the Mat Rats. Naomi's basketball team was the Lady Rats.
At games, you were to swing a squeaky rat by the tail. I couldn't find my rat supply to
The school bus stopped me this morning as I was running to warn me of a loose dog.
 What kind? I asked. She couldn't tell me nor could she tell me if it were north or south
where I was going to turn and possibly bypass it. I never saw it.
As said before, our neighborhood has a huge list of restrictions. One of those is
 no garage sales unless it is associated with a move. So the people across the street
had one and their customers were parking on my lawn leaving deep ruts in the we
t ground. I intercepted some of the cars telling them to please get off my lawn.
 Finally I went into their garage and asked the man who seemed to be selling
stuff if he were the homeowner. No he wasn't, he was just helping them out..
 Are the owners moving soon? No they are not. Well please keep your customers
off my grass. He said he would.
Yep I sounded like a real bitch. But these particular people complained that that the
house being built next door had weeds in their lot against the association rules and
 complained the weeds were encroaching their lawn. The HOA head, who jus
t happens to have a landscape business, charged the people whose house was being
 built $400 for an hours worth of weed killing. These people in turn complained to
the township and were allowed not to pay that bill. Meanwhile these same people's
property backs up to a weedy common area. Why don't they insist the weeds be
removed there?
Presumably there is to be no street parking as everyone has huge driveways but
apparently only restrictions that could be solved by the lawn care company get priority.
Some neighbors are very friendly and have introduced themselves but these people
have not. I don't think I could recognize them if I saw them.

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Elephant's Child said...

I frequently despair of people. One rule for them, and a quite different one for everyone else.
Love that yellow vase.


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