Friday, October 16, 2015


Where we were a year ago: Lazise on Lake Garda. We spent the day on a boat going from town to town

I posted this in Throwback Thursday on Facebook yesterday. Josh is 2 (his daughter's age) and Shanna is 5 sitting on my brother's motorcycle in Troy, NY. Josh loved to snack on raisins. It is one of my favorite photos of Shanna. She looks so dreamy. I was constantly trying to capture her beauty by photo

A recent photo of my niece. I was at her birth

She and her friends recently visited Chicago. I have a similar photo of Naomi suspended over the city
One of the many ill-marked paths through the Cherry Hill preserve. They gave a map with one set of numbers but the trails had letters on them. When it started to rain, I just hoped I was on the right path to return to the car

Unlike the wide path above, this path was narrow and obscured by leaves. . The strong winds probably knocked a lot of the leaves down in the past 12 hours

Waiting for it to get light enough to run. Waiting to hear whether the house sale is still on so we can get on with our lives. Waiting for a some other  more important things too. When can we travel again?
A frost advisory is tonight. I need to pick the remaining vegetables though kale and Brussels sprouts will survive frost. Harder, to make a decision what lives or dies in my various pots My various succulent gardens and orchids will live around my tub surrounded by3 walls of glass. The tropical hibiscus can be in the breakfast nook. All others will be on a rack in the basement under a window. Might not be enough light. At some point, we need to drain the pond. Where will the frogs go? They usually burrow at the bottom of ponds but that is not possible here.
Moms group tomorrow. I bought a tasty dessert but if I feel guilty, I might make another one.

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Elephant's Child said...

Where do the years go...
I wonder what frogs do in hard winters. They must have some strategy...
Good luck on the house front.


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