Saturday, October 17, 2015


Vultures waiting for Steve to leave so they can get back to that deer. He parked behind several cars, rare for this deserted road. When he asked if they were there to see the vultures, he was told that they deal with plenty of vultures already in Detroit though there they are called lawyers. They were viewing some vacant land.

They can look pretty
or not
from my short bike ride Stiff winds caused me to abort. I've been biking plenty though.

Last night was the first hard frost. It is hard to see my beloved flowers all covered with the killing frost though I rescued some last night. I was hopeful that the forecasted temp of 32 might save them but I think since we are in a depression (in more ways than one), it is always colder here than the surrounding areas. Where we lived before, the opposite was true.

Ah that house. Still waiting though lots of bad news came in. They want more time for more inspections that will cost money, money, money. We might still go forward but it all makes me so sad and I am seeing things through a very dim filter plus I have hurt feelings about another issue which normally I wouldn't give a second thought to.

On the slightly brighter side, the State decided no longer to hold our money hostage. They had disagreed with how Steve figured things and kept giving us different dates to review our case, the latest was sometime in December, but they reversed themselves and sent us our money.

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Elephant's Child said...

Good to hear that there were some positives.
And I love the collective name for vultures.


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