Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cheddar cauliflower

downtown Dexter

Cheddar cauliflower is in season at the farm market on my former biking route. It is yellower than this photo

some color from my bike ride this morning
some more
later we went along the Huron River. Alas, the slightly warmer microclimate there meant less color

pretty mums

a stop at the cider mill

a stop at the bakery
Sometimes while bicycling, I cut through the local cemetery to avoid traffic. It is quite large full of various sections including a special Islamic burial ground and a pet cemetery. Strange to see pets buried so close to humans. They even have a special mausoleum for deceased birds. I try to avoid people as much as possible biking through as I am not sure how respectful this is. In one of the earlier episodes of House of Cards, our favorite villainess Claire is running through a local cemetery and a woman visiting a grave shakes her fist at her shouting about shame. Claire seems taken back and quickly retreats. At Shanna's first place she had around Boston, her apartment was across from the cemetery which had the only plowed paths near her. The whole state of Massachusetts is salt-phobic.  I was waiting for some lady to shake her fist at me.
So today, as I was rushing through before detection, I swear I saw a pen containing 3 goats. I didn't stop to take their picture as again, I was rushing through. Goats in a cemetery? I guess it would make sense. It is hard to cut the grass close to so many obstacles and the goats would just eat the long grass next to the graves.  As that busy road I was trying to avoid, I went on it on the way back as it was later and the traffic was lighter but too many double hauler gravel trucks use it during the week. Should have just stuck to the dirt roads.
After lunch, Steve and I decided to take a drive to enjoy some fall color. Still too early for that but if you would check my blog a year ago, color abounded. We made lots of stops.
  1. Biweekly barn sale: Got a Finnish bright yellow glass vase. Photo some other time
  2. Cemetery to take photos of the goats. Turns out that they are statues. In a pen? Listened to Steve wonder how I could have thought they were real. Again, I was going fast.
  3. Farm store for their home grown cheddar cauliflower. They have branched out to that green bumpy kind of cauliflower too. Bought some Michigan Honey Crisp apples. Hard to grow but this year, our state has a bumper crop. Yay!
  4. Dexter cider mill right next to the Huron River. Took photos but have lots of cider and apples at home already
  5. Joe and Rosie's coffee shop Downtown Dexter. We know a couple of this name. did they start a coffee business? No. Joe is shorthand for coffee (knew that) and Rosie is another name for tea (really?). But they had good lattes
  6. Dexter Bakery. I used to bike there every weekend (30 mile round trip from Ann Arbor) and get an apple fritter. But they make really good pretzels too (a less caloric choice)
  7. My friend's house to drop off a cheddar cauliflower. Managed to ignore her nosy neighbor\ who was coming towards me.
  8. Trader Joe's. They brag how they have over 60 pumpkin flavored goods now. In my book, this is not a good thing as I hate pumpkin anything. Steve shares this aversion. Was excited that they had this potentially tasty kringle imported from Wisconsin (someone in California had one shipped to her and let me taste it. Yummy.) But it was PUMPKIN FILLED. no kringle. Not that I needed it. Pumpkin tortilla chips? Pumpkin bread pudding? Pumpkin macaroons? Bought some decorative minigourds to make some sort of display and of course, food.
  9. Fancy schmancy resale shop. Got a nice top for $5 and yet another picture frame
  10. Home


Elephant's Child said...

I don't think we get Cheddar Cauliflower. I assume the name refers to the colour.
I love pumpkin, but my father considered it animal food. It was never, ever served at home.
I am fond of cemeteries too. Penned goat statues? Bizarre.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

The Cheddar does refer to its orangish-yellow color. But the vegetable itself is sweeter and tastes buttery even without adding butter so I love it.

One pumpkin recipe I made an exception for: when we were in Italy 6 years ago, our hostess made us pumpkin risotto. As she had worked so hard on it, I couldn't turn it down. It was tasty. The Italian word for pumpkin is zuca, which is the same name for squash so I wasn't sure if I was eating squash or pumpkin. I don't mind squash. In general, pumpkin here is used for sweet things and squash is used for savory. We have pie pumpkins and larger carving pumpkins. Both have done well this year as I go by fields of them.

Elephant's Child said...

That might be the answer. I am aware of sweet pumpkin recipes - but have never had one. Savoury all the way for me. Pumpkin risotto, bake pumpkin, pumpkin curry...


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