Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sundays are for bicycling

Not sure what this pretty yellow plant is

and more maples
behind the pink bat covered mailboxes is a friendly reminder that there is armed security
The road behind the house we are trying to sell. I went there this morning to see the maples. The small ones have lost their leaves already. Photo below is what it looked like last year
lake near us in the very early morning sun
same lake looking north
looking south

our old road last year

The early morning sun casts long shadows. I appear to be riding a bicycle 20 feet high. My usual Sunday morning route is no longer safe due to the very low sun and more traffic due to me having to start later. As I was not going to see Allie today, I didn't need to rush home to fit her visit with her rigid nap schedules. Nothing scheduled today at all so I could stop to take photos. I did take the busy road with the wide shoulders to Ann Arbor to my old neighborhood hoping to catch the maples in their glory. Going back, I took a very deserted dirt road, fortunately in good shape. Going east, the drivers would be blinded by the sun but for 5 miles, none were going  in my direction.Flocks of noisy black birds cawed; geese honked and the weird loud trills of the  cranes. Everything very pretty and peaceful.

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Elephant's Child said...

Glorious colours.
Nature is much braver with her palette than I am.


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