Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Went for a 28 mile bike ride to the orchard and back Sunday up and down a very busy road

Walked through a nature preserve this morning

most of the pretty leaves are gone
75 degrees today. Ate lunch outside with a friend in Ypsilantii
The Hudson car musum
where we ate

The train came barreling by as we ate
Then a visit to Shanna and Tessa. Naomi and Maya came over as soon as I got home. A neighbor brought her husky over

Imagine yourself as Judge Judy. The plaintiff complains of the constant drumming of fingernails on a ceramic cup. The defendant retorts that this couldn't possibly bother anyone and continues to drum. Why? Stress relief? Ingrained habit? The plaintiff is forced to leave the area. Who has the problem?
According to an article in the science section yesterday of the WSJ, the plaintiff has the psychiatric disorder misophony, the intolerance of 'normal' human noises. These noises usually are lip smacking and  loud chewing. Drumming was not mentioned. Is there a cure besides Get over it?None mentioned. Steve did use this article to justify his bizarre habit that drives me crazy.
We had a day of summer yesterday. I was able to run early in the morning in a sleeveless top. Many of the leaves have fallen but it was still pretty on my country roads. Bonus: I am getting faster. Then off to a walk in yet another nature preserve, one with the pond pictured above. Then back to Ypsi. Years back, in attempt to improve its image of that as Ann Arbor's much poorer step sister, the city had banners festooned on every corner proclaiming the city Hipslanti.  This did not catch on. Then the flags proclaimed that Ypsilanti was one of the few "Cool" cities in Michigan as judged by the Governor (not the current one). Now it appears that it is "Ypsi Real' according to the many flags down in Depot Town, a historical area built around the old train station and where our restaurant is. Another name not found on banners is Ypsitucky because of the large influx during theWW2 of people from Appalachia to work in the bomber factories of nearby Willow Run. The story of one family is in one of my favorite books The Dollmaker.  The author, Harriette Arnow, eventually settled on a farm near my neighborhood that now is even further being subdivided into more development to increase the traffic in  the road in my back yard.
I did notice a poster for un upcoming event at the Bomber Factory for the World's Largest Rosie the Riveter contest. Women (maybe men can come too) are to come dressed as the iconic Rosie the Riveter. We Can Do It!!!!

Housing in Ypsi is affordable. One of the Moms' daughters was able to purchase a very cute house for way less than half what she would have paid in Ann Arbor recently.
It was nice catching up with my friend sitting outside as  it were summer. Still had the Blood Orange Summer Ale.The train made an appearance in the middle of the intersection just feet away. Years ago, we'd take that train between Corning New York and Ann Arbor stopping at the old stone station, now a restaurant, in Ann Arbor. We always had to switch trains at that huge station in Buffalo. I don't think we switched again from the Canadian system. Below is the station at a slightly earlier time.
I had gone to Ypsi Sunday to go on a very loosely organized bike ride from their big brewery to an apple orchard way up in Northville. Signature beer: Ypsi Gypsy which I had after the bike ride.Yep they rhyme. For some reason, there are few paved north-south roads in this neck of the woods. Thus we were on a very busy road uphill, against a stiff north wind on the way there. Obviously easier on the return. and on Saturday, to the Moms group that was in Ypsi. Even at midnight, that road was plenty busy.
Monday I devoted hours to a photobook project. If I get it done by Friday, I save $5 (meanwhile losing tens of thousands of dollars in the Albatross Fiasco). but I told myself no blogging until that is done. Well it is mostly done but it took forever to organize 325 photos from many folders into one.
After my lunch yesterday, on to Shanna's where rampant development was occurring literally in her backyard. Don't people remember 2008? But no more  backyard fields for her to enjoy. Maya and Naomi appeared minutes upon my return home. Maya practiced her bike riding while I sat in the still warm air checking for cars. The husky with the sky blue eyes visited though kids make her nervous. Her vocalizations seem almost human. After a late dinner, I fielded several phone calls from friends until bed.
I was going to have another bike ride today with a friend but it is impossible to predict when the rain was going to hit. I will go off by myself in a few hours when the map, unreliable as it is, seems to have a clear spot. Then off to Maya's parent teacher conference.

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