Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mahogany table

The series of small lakes I run to. Note lack of colors. Not a good color year

Lakes usually have egrets and herons. They are here but out of camera reach
As I was returning from my run, I noticed that  a neighbor  had thrown  this solid mahogany table out in  the trash. Yeah the edges are chipped but I think I can fix that
Still Indian Summer though a cooler version today. What keeps me inside though are those pesky wasps. We have two full disgusting bags of wasps in our traps but still there are some left to bother me. I am still harvesting tomatoes and chard.
I went to get my nails done. As even my toenails were long, it has been a while. I went with a shiny burnt orange so I will fit right into autumn. It feels so good to have the avocado massaged into my legs. I now have very soft arms and legs.
My friend who had the stem cell transplant almost 3weeks ago is finally healthy enough to come home though due to her non-existent immune system, needs isolation.
And we continue to show our house in case things fall through. A potential buyer sent us a long list of everything they hated. My favorite: garage door opener squeaks.


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Elephant's Child said...

Garage door opener squeaks has to epitomise first world problems. The poor princess...


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