Monday, October 5, 2015

Indian Summer

Glads all over

He is peering at us mad that he has to gets close to us to get food

What creature is this? A cross between a lion and a snake downtown South Lyon
Allie spinning


After a few days  of wind and cold, it is in the 70s and still. Flocks of geese honk noisily overhead; cranes make their ungodly prehistoric sound. A few trees have turned colors. I ran to the Gotfredson lakes this morning  in record time stopping to watch the herons and egrets.

The rain had stopped in time for our 30 mile organized ride yesterday raising funds for the trails in Michigan. I had a few issues with my bike. For a 5 mile stretch, the wheel rubbed against the brake until I could get it to the mechanic in the next town.  He fixed the bike but I noticed that I still was having trouble with hills. I have a 24 speed bike (3x8). Usually the hills in Southern Michigan aren't steep enough for the lowest chain ring. I was having trouble getting up a hill that I had no trouble with a few months ago (and I am in better shape now!). I said, Screw it, Have to downshift to the granny chain. Then I noticed I had been in the highest gear ring the whole time. Once I put it back to the middle ring, no more problems. But the ride was pretty even though it was overcast. Afterwards we were given beer by a new brewery and had lunch. We talked to the  new director of the Michigander providing input what we feel is important about the ride. It will be in the Western part of the state so it won't have the steep hills of Northern Michigan.

I've been seeing granddaughters. Allie yesterday, Tessa this afternoon and Maya tonight.

We are currently in negotiations to sell the house. It is stressful. Until it is closed, no peace of mind. We are waiting to see if they will accept a counter offer.

At what age do racists appear? Turns out to be 5. Two little blonde girls are torturing Maya for her dark skin. She doesn't understand it and is hurt. The teacher is supposedly taking steps to defuse the situation. Maya now has a tutor that comes over to help her catch up. She is going to address the racism issue with Maya tonight. She is African-American too. We thought the Ann Arbor School system would be best for Maya but we haven't escaped mean girls.

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Elephant's Child said...

I suspect the baby racists have been fed that diet at home. Which is both sad and bad.
Fingers crossed on the house front.


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