Saturday, October 10, 2015

Star Wars Day

Sunset last night

A bit more color today on my running road
Daniel and Oliver came to the event with their finery Disappointed to leave their light sabers at home

Daniel and an Ewok
Cute painted chairs in the kids area

Daniel and his larger twin

At this time of year, I check the weather forecast to make sure it won't be close to freezing as I have some tropical plants outside. Nothing below 42 for the next week so imagine my dismay when I found everything covered in frost this morning!
Fortunately the large tropical hibiscus has only slight frost damage.
I had run a lot this week so I didn't go far this morning but it was so pretty in the dappled light. Now the maples are turning though the woods near us are mainly hickory, oak and walnut (yep lots of nuts) so mainly yellows. I will have to return to my old neighborhood for the maples.
The Plymouth Library had Star Wars Day. My grandsons love these movies. Costumes were encouraged though the only little girl option was to come as Princess Leia (who looks just like my mom when she was young). They had lots of Star War snacks including Luke Skywater and Hans Rolos.. Kids had to sign up in advance to make crafts. I helped Daniel with his light saber.
Josh is in Vegas attending his best friend's bachelor party though the wedding will be in Texas. Bachelor parties never seem to be in the same state as where the wedding is or where anyone lives.
A quiet weekend.A friend came over last evening for wine and snacks. Good to have company.

My mom as Princess Laia

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Elephant's Child said...

Love those colours.
Early (or late) frosts can be vicious. Glad that you got off lightly.


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