Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Maya at the farm

riding the pig
Almost 4 feet with hair Maybe 46 inches tall?

This was her favorite

Since her father has her on weekends and she is in school all day during the week, we don't see Maya as often as we used to.  We did get to take her to the farm nearby last evening.

This weekend was annoying. Naomi borrowed our car because hers had a few things wrong with it, now fixed. While she was at work, thieves broke the window to get at her make-up bag that looked like a purse. While police investigated that, the thieves broke into another car in front. Presumably there are security cameras and they have a palm print and some fingerprints. Now we get to go down to the station and give them our prints to exclude them. Fun. Mobile glass people came yesterday to give us a new window. Meanwhile, the police to the north want to have Shanna prosecuted for leaving the scene of an accident even though there was no visible damage to either car (a witness saw her tap the other car while parking and called the police.) Such BS. She will of course fight this.

A stressful week as our house selling goes forwards: inspections, radon tests, surveys, appraisals. I keep those podcasts on all night so I don't mull over the many things that can go wrong. I will be so happy when this chapter is finished.

Allie is sick yet again though it was Steve's turn to watch her. I had already committed to watching Tessa, clearly the easiest of the five. Such a sweet little girl though she is feisty. We were going over shapes and she slurred the word 'rectangle'. I repeated it enunciating each syllable and asked her to repeat it the way I said it which she did. She then proceeded to slowly enunciate all the other shapes in the same manner. I think I was being mocked by a 3 year old.

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Elephant's Child said...

Sometimes life is beyond frustrating isn't it?
Loved Maya at the farm - and have to agree. You were being mocked by three year old Tessa.


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