Sunday, January 5, 2014

Eye on Ion

For the past two days, the media has been full of dire warnings about how much worse Ion will be compared to Hercules. Lines snaked throughout the supermarkets as people readied themselves to be snowbound for the next two days. Steve was out there too amassing supplies for the End of Days. Number one purchased item according to the media? Show shovels. Like we didn't have snow before?

I awoke this morning expecting to find a foot of new snow and severe winds. Instead only about 2 inches fell since I last shoveled and it was almost 30 deg with no wind. Extra bonus: they had cleared the bike path so only an inch was there plus salt. So out I went. I had run yesterday too though not much was cleared. I am becoming more accustomed to running on top of snow. I did shovel the new snow from our sidewalk and the neighbors'.

When Maya returns from her father's (hope he is careful on the freeway), we will go sledding as the wind still won't be much. The school district still hasn't decided on whether to cancel tomorrow.

Since I thought it would be a while that I will be able to see Shanna's family, I visited yesterday. Unfortunately Oliver is sick, temp 104. He had the flu shot. Right now previously healthy, young people are on life support at UM because of the current flu outbreak. Scary. Hope I didn't get vaccinated too late. Josh ran out to get one yesterday.

Today's task: create calendars (my Facebook friends who used my link will be advised that they have until Tuesday to finish theirs). From sunnier times:

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