Friday, January 10, 2014

When is a screening mammogram not a screening mammogram

When they find something wrong.

According to my insurance (and one of the Obamacare reforms), I am to be provided one screening mammogram per year. However when they found something wrong, I received an addition $1000 of scans plus I was billed for the screening (and it was itemized as 'screening'). I called UM to complain (that took a half hour on hold). I got a call back for them to say that it was 'appropriate' to bill me for it even though it was to be provided free to me. I guess I have to deal with the insurance company next.

Not a fan of UM right now.

I am cancelling my follow up ones as I am sure they will find something minor, cause undue anxiety, charge me an arm and a leg and then say, never mind, it was just fat necrosis.

Obviously I am not a happy camper.

It is a few hours later. I noticed several folders missing on my computer and spent hours looking for them. Fortunately Steve had backed them up and they were on an auxiliary hard drive. Among the missing (from a trip to the Meijer Gardens in 2010) :

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