Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Soup alors!

Some of the ingredients
Winter soups were the subject of our cooking for survivors class today.

The best: black barley/porcini/ parsnip with dill/ mustard cream
A distant second: peanut butternut squash

Didn't really work: Three bean minestrone. The only flavoring agent was a cheese rind. No tomatoes.just bland but the winter vegetable one  above more than made up for it.
Mainly the same people have been showing up to this class for years so we are a little family now. This class was rescheduled from last week due to our crappy weather. One woman showed up last week unaware and cried because she looked forward to it so much.

What I need to do is just cook using these recipes.

I thought I would be sitting in on Maya's teacher's conference but Naomi was confused where it was to be held. She swore she was told that it would be at her place but no, they wanted her to come in. She was sick anyway so maybe next week.

Allie's daycare has a spy camera where you can watch your child remotely to make sure you don't have a nanny like the one on Downton Abbey with Sybil junior. Unfortunately Josh and Julie's computer doesn't support the software. Couldn't we spend the day watching it? No sound and very grainy images.

It is restaurant week in Ann Arbor so I am going with a friend to lunch tomorrow though it conflicts with my Y class. But I thought I would be at the teacher conference today.

Vegetables from an earlier class:


Teri Bernstein said...

Restaurant week! I was visiting you a few years ago during restaurant week! But here I am walking thru hell in Florida this January. As Churchill said (or didn't say): I'll keep walking. The assisted living move in day for stepparents is Jan 22, tentatively. Only 5 doctor appointments, two rooms of furniture to buy, all the boxes to pack and 60 years of emotions to go through before then. They totally rejected the move we had set up to Michigan to be near my sister, so this is Plan...F.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

OMG! Does not sound fun. I remember your winter visit fondly. We went birding with the winter flock eating out of hands. Josh's house is very close to there now.


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