Sunday, January 26, 2014

Double Birthdays

Oliver is 14 months here
Shanna is pregnant with Daniel
Today Oliver's sixth birthday will be celebrated by a party at a bouncy castle place. Steve's birthday will be celebrated with dinner with me and the joy of seeing his grandchildren jump up and down. We are so lucky to have all the grandchildren so close together.

Another polar vortex is blowing in. This January must be the coldest, snowiest ever. Yesterday was the warmest day at 20 degrees but another 4 inches of snow had fallen plus massive drifts from the strong winds of the day before (below zero with 40 mph winds..weird, spooky noises all day). But with only 15 mph winds yesterday, it was relatively calm so I tried to run on top of some packed snow. Initially it was quite pretty with the sun shining on the sparkly snow but black clouds moved in quickly snowing hard and then it was clear again, all within my 50 minute run (and another 30 minutes of shoveling..Steve has a cold).

We did have our Moms' group Friday night. I brought my praline custard cream puffs. A better choice would have been to bring the almond meringues (they were if I can just shape them like French meringues) made from all the left over egg whites as everyone seems to be on a diet. But it was a nice dinner and warm (as sharp contrast to the weather). The conversation at one point turned to what they will do in their retirement, all their projects, etc. Examples were given of others with 'good' retirements but strangely no one even mentioned me and mine. I kept quiet and was a bit hurt. It was similar to times in the past when various people categorically stated that they know of no good marriages. Hmmmm

But I don't think people meant to hurt my someone once said, I can't be thinking the worst.

Retirement. We didn't plan this though I am sure that we would have been outta there by 60. I was only 54 when our jobs suddenly disappeared (Steve worked longer and is a bit older). I did have a list of things I could be doing but ended up not doing in part because cancer took up a good chunk of time and energy.
Grandbabies, particularly Maya, take up another chunk of time. I do try to travel when I can. I am so happy that I chose to study in Italy for almost 6 weeks, a highlight of my apparently tiny life.

Some how though I am always busy.

Steve in a hedge in the Cotswolds

On The Cotswold s Way


Holly said...

Sue - to me your life seems FAR from tiny! I see you as living a life filled with deep joy, physical activity, travels, cooking, kids and grandkids, hobbies and a lifelong marriage. I would say you are living large and chock full of life!

Teri Bernstein said...

Here's a saying that has helped me a lot:
"What you (or they) think of me is NONE of my business." If they do not consider my feelings when talking of retirement or any other subject... so be it. It has something to say about THEM but not about ME...

BTW, Sue... I am in awe of you in retirement and grandma hood, etc xoxo


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