Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ice bubbles

Oliver's paper snowflakes with a backdrop of real ones
Alas I don't have any cool photos of my own of bubbles blown in sub-zero temperatures. I did try yesterday but the wind destroyed most of my bubbles before they could freeze. Some bubbles went up in the wind and I could see them turn opaque from freezing before bursting into bits. I gave this experiment another try this morning when it was 7 below and calm. I captured some of the bubbles on the wand. They did freeze but then they burst. Too fragile and no cool photos.

But for more success, see:
One of her photos:
Tonight, if it remains cloudless, Michigan can possibly have Northern Lights due to yesterdays solar flares. Best chance: after midnight.

So I can deal with cold as long as it is calm. I waited until it was a toasty 6 degrees before venturing out. I overdid it with the layers. Too much fleece. But it was good to move again. I tried to run on the sidewalks first as most people clear theirs. However some decided that that they would not do anything more than necessary or didn't know their property line so there would be 1 foot walls of ice between properties. A few didn't even bother to clean anything. I took to the streets which were glazed over from car exhaust keeping to the rough edges.

Then a visit to the grandbabies who are almost healthy again. School begins tomorrow after a 3 day extension for most. Roads still are slippery.

I gave shark slippers to Maya; puppy slippers for Tess

Oliver and his brother above squirm when a camera is near thus the fuzziness

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