Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Babysitting r us

Steve and Allie at 4 months

I don't look like an attentive sitter here but she just woke up
Every day this week we will be baby sitting though on Thursday and Friday, not all day. Due to Ramy's cousin's sudden death, a lot of it is so they can attend various services and the funeral. We are at Shanna's now. Tess is taking a nap and the boys are mesmerized by the minitablet we gave Oliver.

Yesterday it was because Allie's daycare was closed. Now I understand why schools were closed because little kids shouldn't be out walking around or waiting for the bus in minus 35 windchills but I would guess that the daycare workers drive in. They are closed today too but Julie already was going to take today off to take Allie for her check-up. Maya is back in school though Oliver's school district is closed.

This all has wreaked havoc with my exercise schedule. So that I wouldn't go completely crazy, I went for a run early this morning. Coldest run ever at zero and a 15 mph wind. Tough going into the wind. I had to stop to remove ice from my glasses. Fortunately they cleared the bike path somewhat so the surface wasn't too bad unlike the roads which have patches of black ice where they have salted and then the salt water freezes as it is so cold. I will have to miss my Y class again tomorrow but maybe I can get into the Y early before heading back to Shanna's. I will just have Tessa tomorrow and Friday and she is the easiest of the five by far.

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