Friday, January 24, 2014

Pâte à choux

From Hell, Michigan website Nearby Hell is freezing yet again
Pâte à choux is so glamorous sounding yet it one of he easiest things to make well. It has only one rule: strict attention to proportions. Half way into its production, I noticed that the quarter cup measuring cup was actually a third of a cup so I put 1.67 c of something that I meant to put in only 1.5 c. Quick adjustments, easy to do with the butter but hard to adjust the number of eggs. Also I used my fancy new mixer to beat in the eggs one by one. I used this mixer to make pie pastry the other day. Bad idea. It came out tough as nails. Need to do that the old fashioned way in the future.

So my cream puffs are baking now hopefully warming the house up. I was reminded of them watching an old  Modern Family episode the other day. Baby Lily is holding cream puffs (strange thing to have a baby hold) on a plane. The new parents overhear someone saying something about the  cute little girl with the Cream Puffs; Mitch gets on his high horse about gay bashing until it was pointed out that the cream puffs were literal.

 These are for the Moms later tonight. What to fill them with? Crème pâtissière? Ice cream? Josh would eat a whole bowl of the former if I'd let him. But he is gone now to Wisconsin. For two weeks in a row, he will going to places colder (hard to believe as current wind chills are way below school for anyone)  than here for bachelor parties. Up north for the second party. For a while he was going to at least 6 weddings a year and then nothing for a while. But now at least 3 in the near future.

Friday Funny:

And you can only buy Hundred Island Dressing now

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