Monday, January 20, 2014

A family dinner

All our children and their children went to dinner last night at Shanna and Ramy's. It was fun watching them all interact. Such blessings! These are my happiest days being with my family. And Shanna prepared a tasty meal. Extra bonus: Josh now appreciating the work that goes into parenting and his amazement that I could coach soccer, do Girl Scouts, train for marathons plus deal with kids and work. Downside: he said he didn't learn about manners much from me. Going to others' houses taught him to keep a napkin on his lap ( I admit to not putting napkins on my kids' laps..thought it was silly once they outgrew bibs).

Again I am fighting a cold. I took a day off from running yesterday though watching the trees bend in the wind didn't make me enthusiastic about going out. I did go out the day before when it was much colder (but calm and sunny). Dicey ice for a mile then it was clear. Am I too sick to go out today? Steve insists that  the cold gives colds but truthfully I was not chilled outside. Inside our house is another story... Plus I have gone for years without getting sick even though I was outside much more, especially when I would ski for hours. It's these grandkids I am exposed to.

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