Thursday, January 9, 2014

Noli me tangere

This photo was taken by my niece who recently traveled to Cartagena
She has an eye for color
See more below
Sometimes I think these words are emblazoned on my forehead for all to see except me.

Don't touch me!

Though the actual translation of the original Greek (my title is in Latin) presumably says

Stop clinging to me!

This what Jesus said to Mary Magdalene after he appeared  after his death and she tried to touch him to see if he were real. It is the title of several famous paintings. But it is apparently the motto of this city.

Various groups have conscripted the phrase for military purposes such as Alabama when it seceded: I do like the snake hiding under cotton and magnolias

But back to me. There was a  short period of time a couple of years back in which I was in two separate groups: my family and my friends. Everyone was hugging each other. Everyone except me. Tears in my eyes: wtf? I must be sending bad vibes. Or maybe I am unlovable.

Ugh! I thought the polar vortex had left. A smaller one replaced it. Fortunately I can go to the Y today.

Some color to my white landscape. Below such prettiness! My niece can be found in a shoe below. Usually she can be found in Boston as a scientist having defended her thesis last year at Columbia. (her twin is there too living a few miles away having just received her doctorate from Harvard). I first thought these were going to be pictures of NYC but no, it's the other Colombia

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